We are constantly asked why does it make sense for creators to develop their own merch?

Influencers benefit from creating merchandise as it helps extend their brand, generates additional income, enhances fan engagement, increases visibility, allows for creative expression, and contributes to long-term brand building

Still not convinced?

See what other creators say about making merch!

"One of my regrets when I was vlogging is that I didn’t figure out the merch thing sooner. Those people who push merch make considerably more revenue of merchandise sales than adsense"

Casey Neistat

"My manager said: you need to make merch. This is the way you make money touring - 85 to 100% of your income is from merch sales"

Katie Tupper

"There are more artists now in the marketplace than there's ever been, and everyone's competing for the same eyeballs. How are you going to stand out?"

Ali Samadpour


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